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Private. Untracked. Anonymous.

At re:publica 2015 we set up a big yellow container. Added some peep-holes to it and put actors inside it. The actors were observable in everyday situations, all the good and the bad. Fighting, partying, making love, flossing, all sorts of things you do in the privacy of your own home and never have to worry about being observed.

With this powerful stunt we presented FREEDOME to the consumers. F-Secure’s new product, a simple but efficient online privacy & security app. We made the consumers feel the invasion of their privacy, made them think about their privacy online. If they don’t use any type of protection online, they are being observed just like the actors inside the container.

We encouraged consumers to share that feeling online and urged them to #RTFMANIFESTO (read the fucking manifesto, which is a set of online privacy rules written by the crowd in RP14). We installed a buzzer to make sharing even easier. A simple press of a button sent out a tweet about how we are concerned about our safety online and we refuse to be watched. GIVE US BACK OUR PRIVACY. This stunt also took a political stand against mass surveillance in general and Germany’s planned data retention law, VDS, vorratsdatenspeicherung.

– Overall social media reach 3 446 900 impressions
– 295 mentions in the media.
– Mikko Hyppönen, CRO @ F-Secure also picked up online privacy on his RP15 keynote, Mikko’s speech on Youtube has over 60k views and over 200 likes.
– Campaign was featured on newspapers, blogs and TV.