Case: Metsä Group

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Our key objective for Metsä Cone Shop was to generate positive awareness of Metsä Group in Finnish general public by showing them what the company really does. The center of the campaign was a cone which is a small but great symbol for growth. A cone is the best renewable raw material in the world and the campaign idea was to demonstrate that to consumers. A cone was used as a currency to buy items in the cone store. Cones were handed out at the shop entrance as cones aren’t easily available in an urban environment.

The items that could be bought at the Cone Shop were made of Metsä Group’s materials: notebooks, tissues, wipes, ruler, matches etc. MKTG produced a 30 feet long container that was built using as many of Metsä’s own materials as possible. All the wooden floors, desks etc. were made of Metsä’s wood.  In addition to buying the products with cones there was an interactive augmented reality wall that showed the journey of a tree from a forest to the other parts of the world.