Case: Nespresso Trashion

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Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium because it is the best material available today to protect the high quality of coffee. The capsules are recyclable but the challenge is that the customers don’t know this. The main objective was to communicate the sustainability. Similarly, we wanted to raise brand awareness of Nespresso among the target group: urban women above 35 years old.

We had a very limited budget but needed to create maximal attention.

1. We had to communicate about the sustainability in an interesting way
2. We needed to create buzz around the topic so it would get media attention
3. We wanted to drive foot traffic to Nespresso Boutique

IDEA: One Designer, One dress, One Celebrity, One Goal.

Nespresso Trashion combined the product, modern marketing, earned media and publicity in a unique way.

To get the maximal attention for the project we set an ambitious goal: we wanted the dress to be featured in the Linnan Juhlat, the Finnish Independence Day reception. It is “The Oscars of Finland” that everyone watches on TV. During the last few years the role of the dresses has been in the center of attention. People gather together to watch the reception and comment on the dresses in social media, especially in Twitter.

To reach our goal we needed two things:

1. A top designer who is familiar with trashion and able to create the dress.
2. A national celebrity who is known to be stylish and would draw the media attention.

The buzz was intentionally created around the designer, the dress and the celebrity. Nespresso was just an enabler in the project, and we wanted the brand to be in the background. The communication was done through the designer so the focus of the campiagn maintained in the dress and in recycling.


Outi Pyy designed the dress from the coffee capsules. The design process was followed closely in the blogosphere. In addition to Outi’s blog we also co-operated with three famous Finnish fashion bloggers. Outi has a wide audience of followers in her blog and the conversation started to heat up immediately after the first post.

The dress was made up from 5000 capsules that became over 14 000 sequins in total. Outi decided to recruit assistants on her Facebook page. Soon she was assisted by ten volunteers for the cutting operation of the thousands of capsules.

The campaign was a success and it got the attention of the national media. The publicity received exceeded all expectations.

The dress was revealed at the Finnish Independence Day reception. Satu Taiveaho, a Finnish celebrity and ex-politician wore the dress at the reception. The publicity received exceeded all expectations. The dress was widely featured in the media before the reception, but nobody knew who would wear it. It was a complete surprise.

45% of the Finns watched the live broadcast and Satu Taiveaho was again one of the most followed celebrities. Satu and her politician husband Antti Kaikkonen were featured all over the Finnish media. Satu is well-known for her stylish outfits and this year was no exception. The media attention about the capsule dress continued long after the reception.


Maximal attention and sales growth with extremely limited budget. Satu Taiveaho with her capsule dress was featured all over the Finnish media.

– 45% of the Finns watched the live broadcast and the earned broadcast reach was worth of 2.4 million €.
– Earned print media was worth 1 million €.
– In digital media we had 12.3 million unique readers and 80 000 readers in the blogs.
– The calculated PR value of earned media was 440 000 €.
– 20% sales growth at the Nespresso Boutique during the campaign.
– All this with very limited budget of 30 000 €.