Case: Nissan Navara

Case contact: mikael.castren@mktg.com

Nissan challenged us to organize a high-class media event for the Nordic automotive reporters in February 2016. Nissan wanted to offer the reporters a chance to test drive all new Nissan Navara models in challenging Nordic winter conditions and to familiarize its new features and highlights. What a chance to execute something extraordinarily unique!

What does it take to have a perfect ride? A capable car, an epic scenery and driving itself. That’s all you need, besides good company. These are the things we wanted to keep in mind when planning the event, keeping things simple and details polished.

After a comprehensive location hunt we ended up suggesting a place which suited perfectly to the purpose, Kiruna. Kiruna is a small mining town located in northern Sweden close to the border of Norway and in the middle of the most beautiful area surrounded by mountains, lakes and wild rivers. The real Northern Exposure in it’s most authentic form.

This challenge turned out to be an event to remember:
4 days, 40 reporters, 10 new Nissan Navara models. Two groups of reporters, two days of intense driving for both.

During the first day the reporters got a comprehensive information about the all new Nissan Navara. After the educational part, the reporters had a chance to jump behind the driving wheels of Nissan X-Trails and enjoy drifting on the ice with a stunt driver and Nissan Juke RS.

In the evening we treated the guests with something really special. They were taken to Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel, the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Ice Hotel is all about ice and creativity – with art as result. At the hotel the journalists enjoyed an amazing menu made of local ingredients and served from ice plates, of course.

On the second day the reporters got into the real thing – driving the new Nissan Navara models. The experience included driving on- and off-road. Almost 200km driving to Narvik, Norway and back over the border of Sweden, ending up to Björkliden. In the Björkliden Ski Centre we offered the reporters a chance to push the off-road capable cars to their limits. Our task was to produce tracks that could show case the different features of Navara: 4wd, low gears, diff lock, around view monitor and hill descent assist. Mother nature also did her part to make the test route even harder to complete but that was just what we were after: Harsh Nordic winter conditions. Nissan Navara feature testing point really showed what this car can do and the smiley faces of reporters told it more clearly than hundred words: The event was a success. After the hard driving day the reporters were spoiled with a helicopter ride above the Kebnekaise area and that was it – we guess that the reporters were ready to head back home. Exhausted but happier than ever.

Some days nothing beats a really good drive. Nothing.