New brand balance

How to build a new brand balance in the digital world


Brands matter. But how you build them in a digital economy has changed. Find out how, drawing on interviews with industry experts and leaders.

It’s easy to be nostalgic about the past. A lot of recent commentary would have us believe that marketing used to be simple and predictable, while today everything is different as digital disruption turns marketing on its head. However, the interviews and insights contained in this paper suggest that this characterization borders on the sensational—a lot of hype but little perspective.

Some elements of marketing have clearly changed. But there is also much that endures. The challenge for brands is to combine the best of both worlds and strike a new balance in their strategy. So, what is different about marketing today? One of the clearest shifts brought about by the digital economy is an increasing focus on measurable, short-term performance and ROI.

The insights contained in The New Brand Balance whitepaper won’t be easy to implement. The overall imperative is to strike a new balance—between the best aspects of traditional brand-building and the exciting opportunities on offer with new digital toolkits; between the enduring purpose of a brand and the more immediate role it plays in people’s lives; and between short-term optimisation and long-term strategy-setting.

The most successful players in this new age will be those that recognize that these are complementary, rather than opposing, forces. It’s at these intersections where real innovation and enduring brand value lies.

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New brand balance.

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