Virtual events

At MKTG we are experts in humanizing brands, also in online and digital formats.


Virtual Events is what we call events and meetings where participants attend, connect and interact in digital forms.

Arranging virtual events calls for skillful expertise of how to create formats, storytelling and graphics that engages the crowd but also technology and broadcasting competence. Let us help you create engagement, pride, joy, excitement and goose bumps also in your online meetings and summits.



Format & storyline for virtual events

An online audience might require different kind of needs compared to an audience at a physical event. Hence, setting the right format and storyline is crucial in order to keep the attention and engagement. With our extensive track-record of both online-experiences and events in the real world, we can assist you in setting the right mood, format and the right forms of interaction.



Design of presentation visuals

When an audience consists of screen viewers, the demand for impactful, visual presentation increases. We have our Helsinki based creative studio to help you, specialised in both visual design and 3D / animation work. 


Check more of our virtual case studies here:



Our production team have years of experience of broadcasting content online. We know how to deal with not only the camera-solution, but also the security aspects, the required fallback plans and the important details that make your virtual meeting go from good to great.


Digital interaction tools

The gaming industry surpassed linear content a long time ago for a good reason. Interaction increases both the engagement and learning curve. We have a big toolbox with different interactive tools, from quick polls to gamification and E-learning. 



MKTG Virtual Summit

MKTG Nordics in collaboration with dentsu, invited over a thousand people to take part of an exclusive summit about humanizing virtual events. In less than ten days MKTG produced a digital event with over 12 industry experts and MKTG professionals from across the world.

Read more about MKTG Virtual Summit here


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