Asiakas: NESTE

The challenge

The biggest challenge of the campaign was to tell the larger audience that Neste is the leading producer of renewable diesel and 70% of its business profit is​ coming from renewable products. We wanted to communicate about the non-fossil-based alternatives, but even more we wanted people to discuss about global warming and the current condition of our planet. We wanted people to find their way to make sustainable every day choices.

Insight and strategy

After the IPPCC climate report was published in the autumn 2018 people really woke up to the current situation of our planet. The heatmap of the globe gleamed as a flash of heat and the heat wave caused a shocking destruction. However, the issues that were obscured by the report were largely tortured by the responsibility of states and companies.

#DontChoke is part of the Journey to Zero -campaign, which is the ultimate quest for a better future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero in all areas of life and living. Together with the best partners, Neste wants to explore and exercise solutions that drive the world towards a fossil free future.​

According to Youth Study 2018, 70% of young Finns are worried or extremely worried about the climate change. This is why Neste wanted to activate individuals to find their own way to fight the battle. The campaign underlines that each and every one of us must make​​ right decisions and together as a team we make huge impact.Neste wanted to find the right partners to collaborate with sharing the same passion and ambitious mindset.

Creative solution

By choosing the NBA-star, professional basketball player Lauri Markkanen as the partner, we reach a wide target group from companies to consumers. Despite of his young age Markkanen is a widely appreciated role model to many and a brave voice for current topics.

The slogan #DontChoke underlines the fact that we must not freeze neither on the court nor in front of the climate change.

All content is about Markkanen himself: why does the climate issue matter to him, how individual choices affect to the common future, and how he wants to leave a better tomorrow for his child as a new father.

Markkanen thrives for a change in his carbon footprint with concrete actions. If a top athlete is able to leave red meat from his diet and to focus on more sustainable actions in his everyday life, it is possible for everyone to play their part.

The main element of the campaign is the heatmap ball which has been designed by American artist Kickstradomis, known for customizing the shoes of several NBA players. It is a valid reminder of the fact that something must be done immediately – 2018 is becoming one of the hottest years of all time.


The campaign was noticed in the biggest medias in Finland and in several international releases such as Chicago Sun Times. It was a topic in the most famous TV sports news, podcasts, radio morning shows, ​but also at family dinners and coffee breaks at the offices.

People commented pictures and videos of the campaign in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and it was speculated in Jodel as well. Neste answered both positive and negative feedback to the followers and was active part of the discussion.

Over 1,4 million Finnish people heard about the campaign during the first three weeks period. Budget for the paid advertisement was only 30 000 € during that time.

Earned media reach was 4 350 000 Finnish people. Reach through Neste social media channels was 525 000 Finnish people.

Lauri Markkanen’s followers were reached through social media 1 854 600 times and the posts gathered total of 176 696 reactions and comments.​

Shortlist nominations for this campaign:
– Voitto Gaala 2019 / Best online video
– Grand One 2019 / Best digital content marketing campaign (part of Journey to Zero)


Campaign was produced in collaboration with:


Antti Rastivo