Pro Nemus

Asiakas: METSÄ
Projektin omistaja: Anni Silamo


Pro Nemus Innovation Center stands by the largest bio-product mill in the Northern Hemisphere.

The building welcomes the visitors as a distinctive dark, wooden structure among contrasting buildings in the mill area.

The brand-new center is designed as a stage for interactive digital experiences and constructed entirely out of ecological Finnish wood. It is a new way to learn about Metsä Group’s business, products, innovation and ways of working.

It provides an experiential cross-section of the life cycle of a forest and the impact of bio-economy, in a world that must increasingly rely on responsible, renewable raw materials.

Our objective was to design and then implement – all the way to opening day – an experience that would be both memorable and fun but also really tell Metsä’s story.

Creative solutions

Pro Nemus is just as ground breaking as the next-generation bioproduct mill next to it.  The state-of-the-art experience-touch-points inside the center utilize the most innovative and easily embraceable and educational tech solutions. The building itself is a tour-de-force of Finnish wood construction and architecture. It was built explicitly to combine digital touch points into live experiences.

Our creative idea was to invite visitors to experience an interactive story of a wood from the very beginning to the end, from a seedling to global import product, through strong visual storytelling and immersive experiences taking every target group in to account with intuitive UIs.

We concepted and created all content together with our partners for 20 different experiential demos. These touch points were designed to be versatile, experiential and as informative as possible. Each tech solution was selected to support the storytelling part of the specific content. Touch screens, digital solutions, video projectors, sound systems and other features are all globally comparable.

The end result is a seamless experiential journey of wood from the forest to an end product. This is what really sets Pro Nemus apart.


There have been over 6000 invited visitors as of date. Out of these 96% gave an extremely positive review of the visit.

The center had received several praises for the beautiful building, solid exhibition, carefully executed entirety, interesting and versatile content, interactivity and most of all that the forest and wood were really visible.


Prizes won:


Reddot Design Awards / Interface & User Experience Design – Best of the Best Award

Reddot Design / Spatial communication – AWARD


European Design Awards / Digital Installations – SILVER


German Design Awards / Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience – GOLD


The One Club for Creativity, ADC Awards / Experiential Design, Installations, series – honorable mention


Shortlist nominations for this campaign:

Vuoden huiput 2018 / Best design 


One Show / Dynamic data visualization


D&AD / Digital Environments 


Other nominations:


FWA of the Day + FWA of the Month Runner-up


Creative Review The Annual – mention