Don’t miss a moment of this summer

Asiakas: Subway
Projektin omistaja: Mika Karpoff


The challenge was to increase brand awareness among our core target group and meet them in a new environment. The goal was to achieve record sales with limited edition Sub deals. In order to make this happen we took Subway where we knew our target group already was and engaged with them.


In 2018, Subway became the first brand ever in Finland to bring a fully functional fast-food restaurant to festivals. We designed the ultimate restaurant experience for music lovers who needed fuel and energy to keep up with the festivals’ pace. This was also the first time for Subway, anywhere in the world, to sell Subs outside their established restaurants.

Subway took over the four largest Finnish music festivals: Provinssi, Ruisrock, Qstock and Blockfest. The festival restaurants were not just food-stops, but stations where people could elevate their festival experience and spend time with Subway brand.

The restaurant had also complimentary glitter artist make up spot, cozy lounge area and vip terrance for competition winners. Hostess’ took polaroid framed pictures, served cookies and kept up the good spirit. Many of the customers enjoyed their Subs at the restaurant area and lounge, which was also a perfect place to catch up with friends.


Every fourth woman gave the campaign the best possible grade and compared to Subway’s previous campaign, liking the campaign rose by 142 % in the core target audience.

78 % of the core target group remembered seeing the campaign.

A new Finnish sales record was set for the most Subs sold in an hour, not once, but five times during the festival tour.

Despite the fact that Subway made their debut at summer festival environment, it was the best known brand in Provinssirock among the festival goers and 3rd most recognized brand in Ruisrock, the most iconic Festival in Finland.

2 000 guests enjoyed our VIP-terrance during the summer sharing the experiences in their social media channels.